Automating your customer conversation.

Why they are a winner for any business

We love chatbots and they are more than a simple interface that you can talk to and ask questions. They can start to automate and allow self-service options for your customers. Their structure can form a central AI that starts to streamline and improve your whole service from better experiences to bottom line savings!

We make it easy and build out your bot for you, so you have something you can use on day one, but then edit and amend as you go or call on us to look after it.

  • Low cost entry point
  • Power of apps without the overhead
  • Cross device compatible
  • Add in additional features as you go
  • Unlimited messages
Find out How a chatbot can help you
Chatbots are now becoming and integrated member of your team.

Solutions and Roles for your Bot

We build chatbots to fulfil or help to support specific roles in your business. Remember that a bot is also flexible and can learn many jobs, but here are a couple of obvious ones.

Sales Agent

Simply helping you to more incremental revenue.

Never miss another sale by getting your bot to present your offer at any time that suits them.

Personalising the experience and progressing leads or purchases so that you can sell more because you make it easy.

Talk to us now about our new physical world initiative, linking your real-world store to the chatbot, so that it can give your customer support in your stores at scale of course!

give it a try!

Customer Agent

Meeting the changing expectation of your customers.

Over half of customers now expect and want a chatbot as part of the customer service experience. Make that switch for your customers, it is easy with a simple entry point bot you can really make a difference.

Deliver a remarkable experience from order tracking to all those FAQ questions that your team get asked all the time, a bot can do this. Self-service is also a great addition and your customers are now happy to do this with a chatbot, saving your valuable team resources for where it matters.

HR Agent

Make way for humans in HR

If you can release your HR team from the mundane and repetitive processes, they can concentrate on what they do best.

If you have an onboarding process then a chatbot can go through that process for you and guide your new team member through a friendly process, handing all the information over to you when finished.

Submit timesheets, CVs, holiday requests, sick reporting and update your central HR system or pump out data. It is up to you.

give it a try!

Marketing Agent

Building and nurturing audiences automatically.

Excite your audience with personalised campaign from segmented data that is captured and personalised based on the user activity.

Reach out with content through the bot via social media like Facebook Messenger, delivered as a push notification, these are powerful and have incredibly high open rates and conversation statistics.

Get the bot to be your automatic marketer.

Our Clients

Here are a few clients that have our chatbots in their business. We have been lucky to work with some great people in these businesses and as you can see there are a variety of roles and tasks that a chatbot has help with for these clients..

Beauty Bay : Retail

A large international cosmetics brand that have a huge customer service requirement and we have been able to help them.

Nirvana Spa : Spa & Health

A highly thought of spa and health club business that have an all round bot that deals with sales and customer service.

Gymfinity : Gym group

A growing group of gyms that are aimed at active kids. This progressive team are using our platform for signposting and support.

sketch london : Restaurant

sketch are an amazing client with 3 Michelin Stars! We are providing a bot to help with a range of CS, sales and marketing roles.

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