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improving customer service

Help me quick!

Chatbots provide consumers with an instant response to queries, and can handle on average up to 70% of all queries, that’s a load of everyone’s mind. And more over than that, your bot doesn’t rest, not even at Christmas.

Customer expectations

Customer expectations are on the rise, they are used to getting what they want when they want it from their favourite brands. Keep yourself in their favourites list by catering to this expectation. It also nicely helps with your NPS and feedback ratings – a key metric when consumers source products and services.

Your assistant is not replacement for your team, but it can help 70% of the time.

Hey Team

What about that 30%?

Your bot is there for those quick responses and to take a load off the customer service team, but when there is a question it cannot answer, the customer is kindly informed the bot is still learning, and there can be a seamless hand-over to a human or where else they mike seek help.

Getting better with age

With assistance from your team your chatbot can learn on the job, so the more questions it gets asked, the more it learns how to respond, constantly helping improve the customer experience.

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